Body Say What?

Stop! You are working out too much!

I know, not words you are used to hearing from a trainer. Shouldn’t I tell you there can never be enough? That you can always be more fit, look thinner, and run faster? No!

I can teach you any type of exercise. You want a six pack? We can do that. You want toned arms? Arms are my specialty. It's easy for me to teach you how to keep going to achieve your fitness goals. It's harder for me to teach you how to listen to your body when your body’s telling you it’s time to STOP.

Your body speaks to you all the time. It says, “I can run a little farther.” It says “I should have a banana, and not a banana split." But aside from motivating you, it can tell you when something’s wrong. You just have to know what to listen for.

Remember, nothing should ever hurt in exercise. Sure, things can burn. They can exhaust, fatigue, and strengthen. But nothing should ever pinch, it shouldn’t pull, and shouldn't pop.

I know, I know. You hear me. Nothing should hurt in exercise. You get it. But do you really hear the messages your body tells you? And when you do hear them, do you listen to your body's advice?

I have a client with a history of knee pain. No big deal. We've been working on exercises to strengthen her supporting muscles. Combined with the use of a knee brace, we've been making great progress. On a recent morning, this client came to boot camp, complaining of minor knee pain. Plus, she forgot her knee brace. I gave her exercise substitutions to avoid straining the knees. After the session she told me that despite the pain, she didn’t want to miss a workout.

We were scheduled for a one-on-one training session the next day, so I prepared a workout focusing on upper body and completely avoiding the knees. Just before our scheduled time, I got a message from her that she needed to cancel. She had gone for a strenuous hike earlier that morning, and now her knees were throbbing. That’s another one - nothing should ever throb!

I applaud my client for her attempt at keeping up her cardio, but this is the perfect example of hearing your body without obeying it. Knowing her knees were bothering her, she could have avoided the hiking excursion, a knee intensive exercise. She could have then worked out the next day, and even the day after that. Instead, she rushed her recovery, taking herself out of the exercise game for at least a week.

I bring this up, because it happens ALL THE TIME! Our body speaks to us for a reason. If our knees are hurting, they probably need a rest.

So, listen to you body. Then tell me what it's saying. I have multiple clients who found me looking to recover from an injury. I’m happy to fix it for you, but remember, powering through the pain will take you out way longer than simply taking a break.

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